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Lina Rose

The love of fashion, her early life in Mexico, and the idea of capable to express her creativity through fashion design are the inspirations that lead Rosalina Carrillo to build her own women’s luxury contemporary brand - Lina Rose.  

Rosalina Carrillo was born in Los Angeles and raised in Morelia Michoacán in her young age. She was 1 of 6 daughters in a women-dominated family, and lived in a country where women were taught to be homemaker. She embraced her creativity and honed her passion for design. While in schools, Rosalina enjoyed learning sewing and knitting. She thrived in her studies and always challenged herself and her teachers  to make real clothes. Her family moved back to California in her adolescent; then, she continued her studies at Los Angeles Trade–Technical College.

In early 2000, she worked at MATCH Clothing, a women contemporary private label company that designed ready-to-wear for Nordstrom, Marciano, Bebe, and Arden B.  Her love of design commenced at MATCH clothing. At MATCH Clothing, she worked side by side with the owner, Michael Hoffberg, and traveled together to Milan, Paris, and New York for fashion business trips. These experiences brought her to Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, where she worked as the Senior Technical Designer. Working in an environment of women empowering women is where Rosalina found her voice. Aspiring to be like her mentor, Cynthia Vincent, Rosalina’s dream of becoming a designer began to evolve.  Freelancing for numerous designers and brand, including ALC, Robert Rodriguez, and Brochu Walker has led Rosalina to design her own luxury collection Lina Rose. Every Lina Rose piece offers a delicately crafted silhouette, which makes you feel comfortable and essential for your everyday wardrobe. Set apart by its details and elevated fabrications, the timeless beauty and modern versatility are always part of each and every Lina Rose piece.

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